Parasouls hope to reunite with a former love on new single ‘Someday’

On their shimmering indie-pop single Someday, Parasouls see traces of a past relationship “everywhere [they] look.” 

Parasouls have reflected on a love that could have been on Someday, a blissful indie rock gem that marks the Manila band’s first release since 2021.

The single opens with shimmering cymbals and jangly guitar melodies, immediately establishing a sunlit tone that feels destined for an afternoon bike ride. 

Parasouls single 'Someday'
Credit: Adia Pauline Lim

There’s fuzzy grooves littered all throughout the track, helped along by an infectious bassline courtesy of Parasouls bandmate Joshua Gaces.

Melancholic guitars and Migui Arguelles’ punchy percussion bring a leisurely rhythm to Someday, which flows like that cadence of a summertime daydream. 

While the single feels like quintessential indie-rock, with an intimate bedroom quality, guitar-driven melodies and eclectic instrumentation, Parasouls aren’t afraid to venture to more diverse genres.

Parasouls single 'Someday'
Credit: Adia Pauline Lim

From the pop-leaning lyrical hooks to Igoy Dimaano’s more strident guitar strums in the second verse, Someday isn’t restricted to any one particular sound, which makes the listening experience all the more engaging. 

What brings cohesion is the enchanting vocals of Dani Dimaano, who flits between moments of raw intimacy and airy harmony with finesse.

At any given moment, Dimaano is either belting to soaring heights or hushing heartfelt lyrics with a whisper, again showcasing the band’s ability to draw from a broad sonic palette. 

While Someday might sound like a sun-drenched reverie, the tune belies what is an otherwise bittersweet reflection on lost love.

Here, Parasouls look back at a relationship with both fondness and pain, recalling the moments that remind them of a former partner.

Parasouls single 'Someday'
Credit: Adia Pauline Lim

There’s mentions of bookstores and locations that they “used to adore,” and how “everywhere I look takes me back to a distant memory.” 

It’s a poignant and relatable tale about lost love that’s delivered with diaristic intimacy, showcasing a knack for images and storytelling.

Speaking of Someday in a press statement, Parasouls said the track is “about the feeling you get when you think about the person you used to dream and make plans with but see them achieve those dreams and plans without you.

You’re happy for them but you still long for the time you shared together.”  It marks Parasouls’ first new music since 2021, when they released their debut EP Drifters, Dream Makers.

With Someday as evidence, it was well worth the wait. Listen to Parasouls’ new single Someday below.