PREMIERE: Creature Fear enter new sonic territory on ‘Little Fishes’

For a while now, we’ve been lapping up the infectious rock and roll sounds of hungry Melbourne five-piece Creature Fear.

After a big first half of 2020, Creature Fear have just blessed us with another masterpiece, Little Fishes, a track that everyone needs to wrap their ears around. 

Creature Fear

Little Fishes sees Creature Fear deliver their most modern sonic vision yet, showcasing tremendous ambition for the band. 

Creature Fear often use their tracks like a cauldron, mixing unlikely ideas to make something totally unique. It’s what’s helping them stand out amongst a riotous Melbourne scene right now. 

While the woozy, ’60s-inspired garage sound is often present in their tunes, Little Fishes sees the band offer up a far more polished and modern rock sound, like an unexpected but much-welcomed lovechild of Muse and The Black Keys.

Reflecting on the song’s creative process, the band stated:

“Sonically the song continues to show off our diversity of sound with it being a different flavour to what we’ve put out before. It’s more grungy and punchy and also the first time we’ve really used a synth instead of just guitars, bass, and drums.”

The song exudes a playful swagger, however, reveals far more profound ideas through its lyrics, ringing especially true in our current climate. As we are left feeling isolated by the world around us, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut where we seem to do everything except what’s right.

It’s always important to remember that time heals, and we owe it to the ones we love to become better versions of ourselves. The male and female vocals within track further emphasise the wise relatability of these ideas, signifying that mental illness does not discriminate and neither do our loved ones. 

“Little Fishes represents getting pulled down a rabbit hole of depression and self-destructive patterns, and eventually coming to the realisation that you have to keep on trying for the people around you.” 


Little Fishes is out everywhere on Friday July 31st. Pre-save the track here.