PREMIERE: Dambro’s new album Time is a slice of soaring pop glory

Melbourne artist Michael D’Ambrosio (aka Dambro) makes the kind of shimmering and cinematic electronic-pop music that you can’t help but fall in love with. It feels simultaneously authentic, heartfelt, and grandiose.

Now, with the release of his new album Time, Dambro has further developed his sound to deliver something truly mesmerising.

On his stunning and enthralling new album Time, Melbourne based artist Dambro will take you on an extraordinary journey.

Throughout the new album, Dambro soars through a unique blend of electronica and indie-pop to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

Time is brimming with euphoric vocal hooks and flawless production that’ll leave you with a wonderful feeling of weightlessness – a feeling you’ll quickly become addicted to.

Across the album’s sprawling fourteen track duration, you’ll be taken on an epic journey that you’ll never want to end.

D’Ambrosio wrote, recorded, produced, performed, mixed and mastered the album himself… giving the album a truly personal feel.

By the time the album’s cathartic closer What Life Could Be reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been completely hypnotised by the awe-inspiring pop sounds of this Melbourne artist.

In addition to the new album, Dambro has also shared a stunning new video for album opener Change, which you can watch right now above.