PREMIERE: Dance into the weekend with the colourful Inigo

Yes! Friday is upon us. Nothing but beers, babes and blue skies from here on out. Well, if you’re in Sydney you might want to scratch out the blue skies part* as grey stratocumulus hangs overhead threatening a weekend of fun like the sword of Damocles. Thankfully if we are overcome with grey skies we can soak in plenty of colour from the playful new video for Constant Beat from Inigo. 

Inigo premi

The colourful Inigo will light the spark for your weekend fireworks with their fun video for Constant Beat. Be on the lookout for an abundance of confetti.

The Brisbane born seven piece have a brand new video from their recently released EP Souls which is sure to go down a treat for anyone who is a fan of alternate pop, neo-soul, brass instruments and a healthy dose of funk. The clip for Constant Beat manages to capture the essence of Inigo effortlessly, the lighthearted music and empowering lyrics represented well in a video chock full of bright streamers, balloons and dancing.

The clip for Constant Beat was directed and edited by Joel Coonan, a long time mate of front woman Erin Fitzsimon and had been keen on collaborating with the band on a clip for a while. It’s a simple video but one that represents the band well. And as we all know, a good video needs to convey the right kind of message about the band. Erin admits there wasn’t much thought on narrative but “The theme and vibe of the clip is very us. We like to have fun, and I especially love sparkly confetti and party things, so we just decided to try and keep with that and make the clip the best representation of us!

Erin is front and centre in the clip, her smiling face and vibrant pink hair lighting up the frame effortlessly. Her genuineness is charming as she dances amongst a plethora of sparkling confetti and balloons floating by. This is one of those videos you need at the end of a long week; one that doesn’t take itself too seriously and just knows how to have fun.

Just like Kevin Bacon flaring his nostrils and ejaculating confetti, this is a clip that will make you want to dance. There isn’t anything particularly complex about it. It’s all about cutting ties with the bullshit in the world and embracing yourself for who you are rather than focusing on what the world want you to be.

If you happen to be in Brissie tonight be sure to catch Inigo in all their glittery glory at the Black Bear Lodge at their launch party for the Constant Beat launch party. You can find all the event deets here.

*Ed. If you’re Shayen you might want to scratch the babe part.