PREMIERE: Jody tear it up on Codeine

Sydney has been getting pretty hot recently with loads of killer bands breaking their way through deaf ears for some much-deserved attention. Inner-West mates Nick, Mason, Dom and Matt make up Sydney’s indie rock band Jody.

Jody premi

If you’re feeling the pain of not having enough killer indie rock bands on your playlist, Sydney lads Jody tear it up on Codeine to relieve your pain.

These guys have really been full steam ahead as of recent, having supported both Bluejuice and Palms on each of their tours last year, as well as supporting Bad//Dreems this year; plus on top of it all are premiering their latest single Codeine.

Codeine is a stellar take on straightforward, friendly indie rock n roll, although retains a very classic vibe throughout. There are most definitely similarities between Jody and other great Aussie acts such as Gang Of Youths and San Cisco. However not only is Codeine a great track, the song itself conversely bears a particularly funny back-story. Word for word the track came about from guitar player Matt’s experience with the flu, however quote unquote “Not in a place where you would conventionally get the flu, let’s just say it was below the stomach and above the knee”.

I know what you’re thinking, sounds splendid right? Well to combat this testicular influenza Jody’s dearest, Matt was “Prescribed a fairly healthy dose of Codeine by a doctor”. As the boys were on the road from Albury back to Sydney for a show with the now sadly defunct Chicks Who Love Guns (R.I.P), they each took their turn at showing off some demos each had been working on back home.

Nevertheless one demo in particular stood out but it didn’t have any lyrics as off yet, this led to a weird “Jody! Jody!” chant, that broke out in place of the chorus, however the boys thought self-referencing was a tad wanky and instead changed the chant to Codeine.

The band recorded with Nick Franklin, who has recently done a session with world famous pop star/celebrity Miley Cyrus, which the boys think is “Pretty inconsequential, but still kinda hilarious”. So after knocking it out fairly quick in the studio, with some included experimentation such as adding a Wurlitzer electric piano in the verses, the song was complete. The Jody boys really came out on top with this one, this thing rocks. Not much to fault here, catchy vocal delivery, infectious guitar licks and a sweet back-story of testicular influenza to tie it all together. Sounds like a ball…

Jokes aside Jody and their latest single Codeine are most definitely worth your attention, especially if you’re a fan of super catchy indie rock. Make sure you catch them live with Bad//Dreems at Goodgod small club in Sydney on the 20th of June.