PREMIERE: Des Cortez reveals quintessentail Aussie rock visulaiser for ‘Running’

Des Cortez drops “Running” visualiser, a sweet drop of pure Aussie rock, directed by Dylan Walsh of GSJ

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s music scene, Des Cortez unveils the visual counterpart to “Running,” skillfully directed by Dylan Walsh of GSJ.

The video effortlessly channels the classic vibes of Aussie rock, showcasing glimpses of Melbourne’s urban landscape and the band’s electrifying stage presence.

A laid-back homage to their Melbourne roots, the visuals capture the genuine atmosphere of Des Cortez’s live performances, a testament to their authentic presence in the Australian music landscape.

Rooted in Melbourne’s vibrant arts and culture, Des Cortez’s journey mirrors the familiar narrative of a young band navigating the city’s competitive music scene. From humble beginnings renting PA systems to headlining iconic venues, their trajectory reflects the grit and determination required to carve a space in Melbourne’s musical fabric.

Integral to their story is the band’s commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive community at their gigs. With over 100 shows in their first three years, Des Cortez has become a staple in Melbourne’s nightlife, emphasizing the importance of forging one’s own path to success.


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As their music resonates along the east coast, Des Cortez’s sound weaves through melodic rhythm sections, drawing inspiration from diverse influences like Jeff Buckley, Sam Fender, Inhaler, and Aussie Crawl. Proudly embracing their urban roots, the band stands out in Australia’s indie scene.

Beyond the beats, Des Cortez actively champions mental health awareness. Their dedication extends beyond the stage, with fundraising shows and advocacy for various causes, showcasing a socially conscious approach to their art.

“Running” encapsulates their journey, serving as an anthem for the youth and a raw reflection of their unapologetic commitment to authenticity.

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