Happy Mag’s Best New Music: The Problem With Kids Today, leisure fm & The Tullamarines

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Best New Music, where every week we highlight our favourite new music releases.

Another week almost comes to pass and to get us through to Friday – cause lets face it, music is pretty much the only thing that can reliabaly get us through anything – even a hang over –  and here at Happy, we love nothing more than to get lost in a stack of new music releases.

So without further ado, wrap your ears around the new releases releases from Des Cortez, The Problem With Kids Today, leisure fm and The Tullamarines.


Des Cortez – Running

This gem just made our Thursday! Des Cortez, deliver their latest single,”Running.” Energetic and relatable, with a blend of vibrant tones, the song showcases Des Cortez’s musical growth, promising a noteworthy addition to the Melbourne music scene. In other words it a total anthem.

The Problem With Kids Today – Leather Jacket Blues

The Problem With Kids Today, straight outta New Haven, has dropped”Leather Jacket Blues,” the second jam from their debut album, “Born To Rock,” landing on February 9, 2024. Channeling the ’70s vibes with a twist, TPWKT fuses punk, power pop, and eclectic beats for a rockin’ fine time.

The Tullamarines – Head Roll Back 

Dive into the feels with “Head Roll Back,” a standout track from ‘Ugly Cry,’ showcasing The Tullamarines’ knack for delving into social vibes like income gaps (cue ‘I’m So’) and pouring their hearts out in a love song dance of fear and infatuation. This 5-track EP is a milestone for the indie-rising stars, serving as The Tullamarines’ inaugural musical offspring.

Heartbeatz – Sweeping Up My Shadow

Meet Heartbeatz, the brainchild of British India bassist and songwriter William Drummond. Brace yourself for his debut single, “Sweeping Up My Shadow,” a raw outpouring crafted in the aftermath of Will’s mother’s battle with cancer and the unraveling of band dynamics. This debut is a rollercoaster, echoing vibes akin to Alt-J and Gorillaz.


In the realm of PACKS, where “Honey” explored the sweetness of nature, “HFCS” takes on the much-maligned high fructose corn syrup. This classic slacker rock anthem, a signature move for PACKS, is all fuzzed-out vibes and punchy beats. Link’s nonchalant delivery wraps a sneakily sublime melody, turning everyday topics into musical gold.

Angus Legg – Spaceship

Delicate, and introspective: Angus Legg just dropped “Spaceship,” this laid-back tune spills all the feels on a breakup and its aftermath, highlighting Legg’s knack for mixing creative lyrics with genuine reflection. “Spaceship” holds perfect instrumentals and Legg’s signature smooth vocals, creating an thoughtful, and expressive musical journey.

leisure fm – fables

Dive into the hazy, dreamy realm of Polish twins Milena and Weronika Szymanek. Their debut EP, “fables,” is a moody and hypnotic journey through sounds that’ll send you into a dreamlike trance. Experimental, and mercurial, it’s a dream-pop/electronica fusion weaving through the shadows of lost love, sadness, and existential dread. Welcome to our world.

Mol Sullivan – Still Try’n

Mol Sullivan’s debut LP, “GOOSE,” is a 15-year journey manifested in “Still Tryin’,” its second single. The Cincinnati singer-songwriter blends Todd Rundgren’s pop finesse with Bill Callahan’s intimate storytelling. The result is a sophisticated album exploring sobriety, fractured relationships, and introspection, delivering devastatingly funny lines amid clear-eyed emotional survival.