PREMIERE: Did that just happen? The Hulk, dinosaurs and pure joy in Waza’s Tell me How video

Remember when you were a kid left to your own devices on a weekend afternoon? Saturday morning sport was over and you had a few hours to kill before heading over to a mate’s place to battle Pokemon and watch movies you weren’t supposed to. So what’s a kid to do but make a mess with their toys of course. When you’re an adult those toys become alcohol and expendable incomes (for some), but at the same time we lose touch with that unbridled sense of joy that comes from sitting in a room and making your dinosaurs ride skateboards in space.

Imagination, it’s a wonderful thing and allows for a very specific kind of fun. The kind of silly fun you can only enjoy in the intimacy of your room. That’s the kind of feeling Waza captures for his clip Tell Me How.

Waza Tell me How

More joyful than a ray of sunshine or a double rainbow, Waza’s video Tell Me How is the definition of what it means to be unashamedly happy.

If you’re not familiar with Waza then here is the low-down. He’s been turning a few heads for his work as a beat-maker, being quite prolific with his hip-hop based samples. His music is influenced by a variety of different styles, ranging from raw 80s hip-hop to 70s inspired funk and the progressive house movement of the late 90s. Smash em together and you get Waza.

He released his debut Love is a Battlefield last year and has since been working on the Art and Technique Sessions, a series of songs designed to tell a single linear story. Tell Me How is the third part of that story, capturing the feeling of reconciliation with your love.

Expressing this in video is a little trickier than you’d expect. Sure it’d be easy to have a clip of two people running across a meadow, arms outstretched ready to be locked in an embrace, but that shit is just too corny. Instead Waza and co-director Patographics opt for a far more fun and creative method. Using stop-motion footage, the pair play around with various instruments, toys, letters, art and decorations to create a clip that is bound to leave you with a smile on your face.

The clip is a little off-beat but plenty of fun, and you can tell the pair have had a ball just messing around with what props they had at their disposal. That sense of joy we were talking about earlier? It’s in every frame of the video for Tell Me How.