PREMIERE: Feel all the ‘Aussie in London’ nostalgia of Ella Clair’s new video

If you’ve spent any time at all along Portobello Road or in the gardens of Hampstead, I dare you not to feel the pang of wanderlust whilst watching Ella Clair’s video for her most recent release Something.

Whimsical and hopeful, the love-lorn lyrics and London backdrop meet in complete harmony. That spark of endless possibility that’s ignited with new love and new cities is so prevalent, that even the novelty of the Tube returns.

Free-spirited and flirtatious, Ella Clair’s new video for Something perfectly captures the uncertainty and sudden clarity of experiencing something new.

Ella, a sometimes London local herself, reigns Queen throughout this jazzy, Parisian-inspired track. She’s featured throughout the video, happy and hopeful in different parts of the city, and her wistfulness is infectious. With a charming handheld shooting style, an infectious bounce is brought to the clip – it doesn’t feel naive but rather free-spirited, flirtatious.

Whilst the pastel shades of the Notting Hill homes are the perfect mise-en-scène for a dreamy pop song, close your eyes, and the spell isn’t broken. Ella’s vocals are a melting pot of velvety tones and complete femininity. The latter of which is undeniable considering Ella’s strong personal and professional stance for a gender equal experience in the creative industries.

Something is a track to sink into, but also to take out with you, run yourself a bubble bath, or hit the high street. The interchanging camera focus is reflective of the uncertainty and sudden clarity of experiencing something new. Or perhaps simply, the butterfly-esque changeability of a woman.

The old school filters and a tri-split ‘movie reel’ edit are retrospective—they bookmark the storytelling and songwriting prowess that is at the heart of it all. Be sure to keep an ear out for her upcoming debut EP My Red, Your Red. There’s something about Ella Clair.

Watch the new video for Something above.