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PREMIERE: Feel like winding back your life and start​ing​ again? Ninoosh proves how powerful that can be on Town of Two Hundred


There’s something hugely Romantic about someone uprooting their life, leaving everything behind and making peace somewhere entirely foreign and secluded. It’s even more so when that displacement stirs some innate need to create and music just comes pouring out.

This is exactly what happened to Anya Trybala – aka Ninoosh – when she stole away from the bustle of city life in Melbourne and planted herself in a tiny country town of 200 in Sweden called Sandsjöfors.

The result was an EP titled (fittingly) Town of Two Hundred, a collection of hazy, emotional and experimental pop tracks that sprouted from some lonely tinkering with Ableton Live. From there it grew into an entirely different beast; a personal and political journey with help from a slew of talented collaborators. Trybala tells us what it’s all about below.


Anya Trybala – aka Ninoosh – uprooted her life in Melbourne and got comfortable in a tiny town in Sweden. What came out is a beautiful 6-track EP of emotional and experimental pop tunes that prove sometimes all you need is change.

Snow Crunch

The opening track is the first taste of a sketch production from the 100 Samples project. It is a textured track featuring warped footsteps in the snow and other organic samples recorded earlier in 2016 in Sweden.

People in Speakers

Nostalgic and sweeping, this track was actually written when Ninoosh was in a band called The Eventual Contenders but resurfaced when creating this EP – the opening lyric ‘When I was a small child of three year, I thought that there were people living in my speakers” just always stuck as it captures those early memories. Lots of lush vocal layers, muted brass and creative synth work.

Fears of Life

On the flip-side, this track was written a few months ago – exploring the frightening experiences that depression can bring with built up industrial sounding synths and piercing vocals.

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That Sinking Feeling

Light, hopeful and fun with multi-layered vocals and synth bursts and goodness. Video planned in late 2016 – inviting submissions from the public from all over the world to feature in snippets – with a focus on dancing – dancing away ‘that sinking feeling’ and controlling the black dog.


Woozy and emotive exploring the theme of grief and loss – woozy horns featured. Film clip created by Third Ray Productions – a cut and paste, dream-like piece that was created online. Ninoosh was in Perth while Lucy was in L.A – so it’s quite a random piece.


Political and haunting, an expression of the dissatisfaction of the current political discussions around people seeking asylum in Australia – “Football should be played on a field of green, with a team people cheering on and a ball. Not kicking around people!”

Town of Two Hundred is out now via Synth Babe Records.


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June 17, 2016