Brotal’s ‘A New Chapter’: A Sonic Odyssey of Self-Discovery

With experimental pop as his vehicle, Brotal fearlessly ventures into uncharted sonic realms, creating a raw and immersive soundscape.

Brotal fearlessly explores uncharted territories in his debut EP ‘A New Chapter,’ crafting a transformative sonic tapestry that invites listeners on an introspective odyssey of self-discovery.

Fearlessly diving into his own emotions, he unearths profound revelations with each track. Brotal defies convention and embraces the avant-garde, crafting a sonic tapestry that reflects his transformative journey.


Brotal’s debut EP, ‘A New Chapter,’ bursts forth with an exhilarating introduction in the form of ‘v.i.p.’ It’s a sonic proclamation of embarking on a fresh musical voyage, a testament to the artist’s readiness to delve into uncharted sonic territories. The track serves as a precursor to the transformative journey that lies ahead.

In ‘too many,’ Brotal effortlessly weavis together a tapestry of thoughts that mirror the endless spirals within our own minds. The lyrics resonate with the kind of introspective rumination that eventually leads to liberation. It’s a whirlwind of emotions that guides us towards emancipation.

With ‘qu!ck reader,’ Brotal treats us to an electrifying delight that seamlessly blends elements of hip hop aesthetics with new wave nuances. The result is a dazzling display of authenticity that reverberates in the depths of our souls. Each note exudes a rawness, a genuine expression that leaves an indelible mark on the listener.

As the EP unfolds, Brotal deftly navigates the delicate balance between introspection and exhilaration. The cathartic release of pent-up emotions finds solace in the vibrant melodies that permeate the record. It’s as if he has tapped into the very essence of his own transformation, skillfully translating it into a sonic language that resonates with our own desires for growth and change.

‘Another drink’ serves as a sonic showcase of Brotal’s courageous self-discovery. Through his musical prowess, he paints a vivid picture of the rollercoaster of lows that make up the landscape of personal evolution. It’s a track that exudes resilience and determination, a testament to the artist’s unwavering commitment to his own artistic journey.

Closing out the EP is ‘voicemail,’ a poignant farewell that marks the end of this sweet and captivating five-track expedition. It’s a salutation to the transformative power of music, a reminder of the profound impact that can be achieved through artistic expression. Brotal leaves us with a lingering sense of fulfillment, a testament to his ability to craft a compelling narrative through sound.

In ‘A New Chapter,’ Brotal invites us to witness his brave voyage of self-discovery, a journey that unfolds through the harmonious marriage of sonic textures and introspective lyricism. This EP is not just a collection of songs; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a reminder of the transformative power of music. Brotal has set the stage for his artistic evolution, and we eagerly anticipate the chapters that lie ahead.

Listen to ‘A New Chapter” below and join us as we delve into a captivating conversation with the artist himself.

Happy: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the music scene like in your neck of the woods?

Brotal: I’m from a small town called Weston in the Hunter Valley, there isn’t any opportunity for music here at all, people make it but it goes unnoticed besides the small community. 

Most people that create around here give up too early and as far as I know my mate (saint valentine) and I are the only ones that are properly pursuing it.

Happy: Describe your average work day? 

Brotal: My average work day with music is finding a good melody then having a cry if it doesn’t sound good.

Happy: What about your ultimate day?

Brotal: My ultimate day with music is everything going my way and I can make up to 3 songs or demos in one day that I can build upon in the following week

Happy: Tell us about your creative community. Who are some artists or bands that have inspired you, and how have they influenced your music?

Brotal: I’ve been influenced by so many artists and so many different genres, I don’t like sticking to one thing, I like expanding my talents and skills with each different song and I would hate to get stuck into doing one genre.

I listened to artists in the hyperpop scene like Ericdoa, Glaive and Brakence, but I also have a background of enjoying more trap/hip-hop sounds from Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, Post Malone and The Kid Laroi

In some form these artists and these genres have definitely had an influence on me and my sound but I feel I’ve managed to transform that into my own thing.

Happy: Tell us about your journey as a musician. How did you go from growing up in a small town to pursuing a career in music?

Brotal: I started making music to see if I could, (I couldn’t). I didn’t attend music classes, I had no interest in trying because I didn’t see it possible. As time went on, my drive to be better started growing, I went down a rabbit hole of self teaching and practising.

I didn’t think I was any good until I made my project “After the Goodbyes”. That project was the turning point for me, turning the dream into more of a reality, that’s when I found MY sound, what I do best, what I can do better than a lot of others.


Brotal: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your EP, “A New Chapter…,” and how it came together?

So I recently split with a partner of 3 years, and this person dragged me down, lifted me up, and dragged me back down again. 

This project was dedicated to me moving forward and sharing my emotions and experiences with people that don’t know me or what I was going through.

This was a very difficult project to release because its the first time in my music I’ve been so open, honest and vulnerable.

Happy: Can you discuss any behind the scene stories or share some insights into the recording process?

Brotal: I don’t write down my lyrics, anything I say or melody I come up with is made in the moment, for me this helps make my music more of a capsule in time and more like a journal entry than a song.

Happy: Your EP, “A New Chapter…,” seems to be deeply personal and focused on moving on from past relationships and experiences. How did this project help you turn a new page in your life?

Brotal: Being able to release “A New Chapter…” for me was a step in itself, dropping that project felt like I was dropping the weight of those situations off my shoulders. Since making the project life has been so up, I’ve been able to move on romantically, I have gotten myself a new job and my relationships with friends and family have been so much better.

Happy: As an artist, how important is it for you to create music that you personally enjoy and find exciting? How does that influence your creative process and decision-making?

Brotal: I want to be able to enjoy all my music even years from now, to me it is so incredibly important that artists love and vibe out to their own work, even if it’s just for fun. 

As far as my music going forward, I want to go back to that fun feeling and that’s what I’ve been working on recently.

Happy: Are there any specific goals or milestones you have set for yourself in your music career? What are you looking to achieve in the near future?

Brotal: With music I am aiming high, I work for the dream like it’s an actual job. I want to have that fan base, I want to be able to perform at concerts and festivals, I want to be able to work with other big Aussie artists or even American artists, so right now I’m building that fan base so those next steps in my career are easier.

Happy: Do you have any gear that you can’t live without?

Brotal: All I need is a laptop and a microphone and I’ll be happy anywhere.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you Happy?

Brotal: What makes me happy is a pub feed and a great northern, also people enjoying my music :)