Interview: weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY talk commitment, community and creatvity

Hailing from Melbourne, the dynamic duo weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY have carved their own unique path in the realm of hardcore electronic music.

With their collaborative album “THE MIXTAPE” generating buzz, weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY’s distinct musical backgrounds and unyielding energy have captivated listeners around the globe.

As they navigate the intersection of EDM, metal, and alternative genres, weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY create an electrifying sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of contemporary electronic music.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY

In an exclusive interview with the duo, they provide insights into their creative process, inspirations, and aspirations. From discussing their daily routines and living in the outskirts of Melbourne to their creative community and influences, the conversation sheds light on the personal and artistic elements that shape their music.

They delve into the evolution of their sound, their motivations behind specific tracks, and the impact they hope to make with their message.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY undeniable chemistry is palpable throughout the interview, as they share their experiences working together and how their diverse perspectives merge to create a cohesive and boundary-pushing sound.

Their ability to balance each other’s strengths, compromise when needed, and uplift one another in creative exhaustion becomes evident, ultimately contributing to the authenticity and quality of their music.

Looking ahead, the duo teases future projects, collaborations, and the exploration of new sonic directions. They express their desire to continue pushing the needle forward, bringing innovation and excitement to their listeners while keeping the joy and fun in their creative process intact.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁYs unwavering dedication to their craft and their commitment to creating meaningful relationships within their creative community promise an exciting future for the duo.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY

Happy: What are you up to today?

P: Working on music like always.

S: Our first body of work is coming out tomorrow so we’ve been able to take some time off this week but today we’re back in the studio today.

Happy: Tell us about your suburb, what do you love/not love about where you live?

S: We live in the outer south east suburbs of Melbourne. I love being so close to all of our family but I hate the constant traffic and everywhere is always super busy. One day we would love to move somewhere closer to nature.

P: I love that we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere but I also hate that we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere. There’s like only 2 uber eats options out here.

Happy: Describe your average work day.

P: wakeup, drink 8 shots of coffee, make music in our home studio until my ears start hearing colours.

S: Everydays different for me, if i’m not in the studio working on our music with Paul, I’m either crate digging for cool tracks to add to our set list (or to sample/get inspiration from) or working on our creative direction.

I am always searching for cool artists to collaborate with for our cover art if I don’t do the designs myself. I also like to make trippy photo edits for our instagram pages if I have time.


Happy: What about your ultimate day?

P: Any day where I get to be alive and healthy is the ultimate day. Everyday is a blessing.

S: I’d rather wake up on a tropical island and drink cocktails on a beach all day but this is nice too.

Happy: Tell us about your creative community. Who are some artists or bands that have inspired you and how have they influenced your music?

P: We are lucky to have some amazing creatives in our life. Ivan Gough, Will K, Marcus Santoro, Papa Smurf & Lucille Croft are some of the artists we know who are also our closest friends and we love to work with. It’s like our creative family.

As for artists who inspire me I could talk for days but I have to say Rick Rubin & Eric Prydz are the main ones.

S: I find inspiration from so many different musicians & personalities so this is a hard one but if i had to pick a few i’d say Gesaffelstein, Die Antwoord & Brutalismus 3000.

We also think LMFAO are a great example of a duo who didn’t take themselves too seriously and made fun party music. Music doesn’t need to be that serious.

Happy: What did you read or last watch that opened your eyes and mind to a new perspective?

S: We watched this conspiracy youtube video over the weekend that debunked the existence of dinosaurs. That was pretty hectic.

P: The Simpsons, specifically the episode with Frank Grimes.


Happy How did your collaboration as wtgxplb come about and what drew you together creatively?

P: It was a very natural process. We live together and wanted to work together so we figured we’d give it a go. We both love music & love each other. I’d had enough of working on other peoples music and I wanted to do my own.

S: I feel like it’s better to do music with someone else. We can divide and conquer in a way that would be difficult if there were only one of us. We can also encourage & support each other when one of us feels creatively exhausted. It felt like a natural progression and at the  just a bit of a hobby.

Happy: Can you discuss the evolution of your sound from your initial singles to the release of the mixtape. How have you refined your artistic vision along the way?

P: music is just paint on a canvas, a capture of how we felt that day in the studio. There’s no refinement needed.

We don’t really think about it that deeply, we just create what feels right to us and that’s it.

Happy: Please dont do drugs seems to play with both musical and lyrical elements. Could you elaborate on the inspiration behind the track and the intended message you wanted to convey?

P: my message is the music is weird enough you don’t need drugs.

S: I feel like there’s a lot of glamorisation around substance abuse in the music industry. There are DJs on twitter literally endorsing ketamine.

Why not do the opposite to everyone else? You can definitely enjoy a rave or a bush doof without harming your body. I think if that’s a message that isn’t seen as ‘cool’ we should make it cool with a sick acid line and gabber kick. There’s no judgment to anyone of course, just stay safe out there and always look after your mates!

Happy: As a duo comprised of different backgrounds and experiences, how do you navigate the collaborative process and merge your distinct perspectives to create a cohesive sound?

P: I think of it like its two different chefs coming together and making a meal together. The pride & ego is left at the door. When we work in the studio we just want to make the best records we can make so we compromise to get that result.

S: We definitely have our differences but at the end of the day what sounds better? For example, is it my kick or Pauls? Your ears dont lie so that’s the option we choose.

weirdtechnogirlfriend x PAUL LE BÁY

Happy: The mixtape incorporates various transitions and deliberately imperfect elements. What motivated you to experiment with these techniques and what effect were you hoping to achieve?

P: Imperfection is perfection. It is what it is. The journey is more important than the destination.

Happy: Looking ahead, what can we expect from wtgxplb in terms of future projects, collaborations or sonic explorations?

S: I think we’re going to slow the tempo down a bit and go in a slight new direction. The fast music was fun to create at the time but I’m keen to try something new.

P: Your guess is as good as mine. We just like to make music. We just want to push the needle forward and keep it fun.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

P: Enriching other people’s lives.

S: Spending time with loved ones whether that be Paul, family, friends or my chihuahua (who is coincidentally named Happy) Meaningful relationships with others is what makes me genuinely happy.

Wrap your earholes around Mixtape.

Photos by Brandon Yang and Matt Ruderman.