PREMIERE: Fetes brings together collage wizardry and glorious reverberating rock in the new clip for Seasonal

The latest project of Cristian Campano of Food Court renown, Fetes, brings to you an eclectic and visually stunning new video for track Seasonal.

Crafted in the choppy flow of a single angle, collage art takes the forefront and a kaleidoscope of symbolic layering of mixed media ensues, fresh from the able hands of the wildly talented Australian artist Steve Tierney.


Hypnotic soundscapes reverberate around your head as collage wizardry unfolds before your eyes in Fetes’ incredible new music video.

While simple in its style, this music video collides, beautifully the creativity of both visual arts and music in a heavenly minimalism worthy of multiple viewings. The consistency in tone throughout the original track provides for a gorgeous opportunity to escape visually and each individual element of the piece supports the other, equally as important, equally as dazzling.

It’s sharp and expertly crafted, leaving no line un-purposed. The screen is filled with a seemingly erratic collection of images featuring landscapes, women, text and the artist himself as he spins hypnotic waves of sonic mastery into your consciousness. The lyrics of the song are also visually woven throughout the piece, lending to the idea that the song is in fact a part of the art, with meaning permeating every minute detail in its very structure.

It is apparent that the dramatic sweeps of quickly changing colour and media alludes to the complicated nature of the track, of discovery and awakening. Working through a complex decision or moment, the to and fro-ing between placement of each image and, the precision by which each scene is created builds up a sense of anticipation, unknowing and uncertainty. The irony of this ‘organised mess’ lies in the way the collage art draws the audience to the feeling that Seasonal touches on – the frustrating and ever changing.

A simple visual construct to formulate an overarching theme nestled in emotional complexity, the latest music video from Fetes is an homily of visual perfection and complication. Sitting alongside a track, which is equally as complex. Campano has certainly set out on a crisp, delicate and engrossing path for this latest instalment. Newcomer, Fetes and this debut single are sure to set a high standard for this already prolific muso.