A perfect blend of indigenous tradition and folk, Black Smoke is a delightfully unique offering from Emily Wurramara

Emily Wurramara brings to you an emotional and lyrically spectacular debut EP Black Smoke.

Poignant in its release shortly before NAIDOC week, Aboriginal musician Emily is a newcomer to the Australian indie folk scene. Lyrically stunning, weaving the traditional and culturally personal with the contemporary and contextual, Black Smoke is powerful and melodic, not hard to forget and harder to resist gushing over.


Emily Wurramara has managed to share her passion for her roots and love of folk in a modern context with Black Smoke

Although young, Wurramara delivers with a confidence and maturity far exceeding her years, and speaks from a place of wisdom and experience. Black Smoke is as much a personal reflection of connection to country and land as it is an invitation to explore Aboriginal culture for those unfamiliar.

The EP is rippling and fragmented with cinematic waves of mysterious and warming traditional sound and brings forth the multi-dimensional landscape that is Australia. Emily is as much celebrating her own heritage as she is articulating her understanding of this country in the contemporary sense. Far from political, Black Smoke is pure and simple, an artistic and musical delight, soft yet powerful.

A perfect way to introduce her music, Black Smoke is a gorgeous and dreamy compilation, Emily Wurramara has set herself a very high standard for work to come. Standout tracks include Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up), a quivering and jazzy anthem marrying both traditional Indigenous language and English, this one quickly became a personal favourite.

The title track, Black Smoke is similarly filled with heaving emotion and emotive tone, rich in texture and lyrical significance. The accompanying music video to Black Smoke is also an epic homage to her own experiences and connection to family and country, is is colourful, diverse and beautifully produced.

Refreshing and beautifully understated, Wurramara threads her own language of home in Groot Eylandt NT, Anindilyakwa, with English, speaking to her connection to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian culture.

Emily’s mission is to utilise music as a way of empowering young Aboriginal women to find their voice and use song and culture as a way of standing tall and moving forward into this exciting musical landscape.

She has, in every way, embodied this within Black Smoke, set to be a landmark young Australian musician, commended for her musical ability and talent as well as her powerful presence within the Aboriginal Community.

Grab a copy of the incredible offering hereEmily is currently touring Australia. Expect to see this impressive artist come to a stage near you, her show is surely one not to be missed.

Lazy Bone Lounge
294 Marrickville Road

Chambers Cresent Theatre
Malak Community Square
16 Malak Cresent

All Day
Walking With Spirits Festival
Northern Territory