PREMIERE: FETES remembers the blissful ignorance of childhood on Twenty Thirty Seven

Childhood is a period of blissful ignorance, where time is spent climbing trees and no one cares about sugar or climate change.

Perfectly detailing the wistful nostalgia of suburban prepubescence, FETES is back with a new single Twenty Thirty Seven. 


FETES’ infectious new single Twenty Thirty Seven details pivotal moments of the artist’s life, growing up in the city as a child of mixed-race ethnicity.

FETES, whose real name is Cristian Campano, grew up in Sydney’s Inner West but has since moved north to Port Macquarie. The clip for his new single Twenty Thirty Seven documents the seven hour journey from the North Coast back to the city, with old home videos from Campano’s childhood in Glebe spliced in for good measure.

The single pays homage to Campano’s hometown, with lyrics recalling pivotal moments growing up as a mixed-race child in the inner-city suburbs. Campano was born to a Spanish father and an Australian mother and cites his background as a source of inspiration.

Twenty Thirty Seven was co-produced by 2018 NIMA finalist Kuren, real name Curtis Kennedy, who also played drums and piano on the song. The single was mixed and mastered by Klaus Hill, who has worked with the likes of PNAU, Peking Duk and Paces.

The song is infectious, its uplifting beat evoking a sense of longing for happier times. It’s almost heartbreaking; watching scenes from a happy childhood and remembering times gone by.