PREMIERE: Forget the present, throw on your rose-tinted glasses and dance to Just Kids by Big Creature

In 2013, the musical brainchild of Michael Best came to life and the four-piece band Big Creature started to jam. In 2016, the group released their last EP Talk, and the groovy tunes have been flowing ever since.

Today Big Creature are ready to unveil a new track. Listen to Just Kids below.

big creature just kids single launch the workers

Dance and revel in careless nostalgia with Big Creature’s new track Just Kids, an indie pop explosion steeped in heedless romance.

The new single is titled Just Kids and sounds like a confetti cannon exploding with sparkly, indie-pop goodness. Drawing on pop-lords from the 80s like Prince, Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads, Big Creature throw in some modern synth tones to create a buzzing track.

The funky guitar strumming and vocal shouts in the chorus send the listener some clear Tigertown vibes while the strong snare hits are evocative of a number of HAIM tracks, but with the golden energy of a Miami Horror song.

Just Kids is the first in a series of singles Big Creature are releasing in 2017, which were recorded by the band in their home studios around Melbourne. With the help of some great mates (including Best’s wife) on backing vocals, this track is truly a labour of love.

Lyrically the song takes the listener on a journey of innocent romance, a time in the past where the band didn’t have a care in the world. “It feels like / we’re just kids / let’s stay here / forever”.

Big Creature will be taking their new track on stage for the first time on the 9th of April at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. Joining them on the stage will be I Know The Chief, Essie, and a special DJ Set from Sex On Toast.

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