PREMIERE: Take a swig of your rum and sing a Shanty with Sam O’Connell

Since the age of seven, Mornington Peninsula-based singer/songwriter Sam O’Connell has been basically irremovable from the nearest guitar – a quality you can definitely hear on his latest single Shanty.

O’Connell possesses an unbelievable synergy with his instrument, the result of which is a soulful and stirring sound exhibited perfectly on this new track.

Allow singer-songwriter Sam O’Connell to take you out to sea with his soulful vocals and brilliant guitar work on raw new single Shanty.

Shanty is an earthy and raw new song that’ll make you feel like throwing your arms around your mate’s shoulder, throwing your pint in the air and singing along.

The 21-year-old folk artist shows a maturity in his songwriting it takes most artists years to develop. Shanty feels like a sprawling narrative spilling with huge ideas and compelling nuance.

O’Connell’s vocal navigation of the stripped-back guitar instrumentation makes for a truly endearing listen.

If you want to hear the new track played live, make sure you head along to O’Connell’s single launch show at The Mornington Hotel on June 8th, and to whet your appetite, listen to the new single above.


You can also catch Sam O’Connell live at any of the following dates:

June 15th – Soundbar, Rosebud West
June 24th – Servo Food Truck Bar, Port Kembla
June 17th – Bank Corner Espresso & Bar, Newcastle
June 28th – The Marlborough Hotel, Newtown
June 29th – Heya Bar, Fortitude Valley
June 30th – Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay
July 4th – The Phoenix, Canberra
July 6th – Exeter Hotel, Adelaide
July 7th – Hotel Victor, Victor Harbour
July 14th – Baha, Rye