PREMIERE: Fountaineer haunts your home town in their Still Life video

Don’t let the moment pass you by, don’t be still when you can be alive. That is the feeling from the new single from rock outfit Fountaineer. The Bendigo based indie band has just released the film clip to the newest track Still Life and it is anything but still.

Still Life

An ode to all the dead-end towns and the weary souls that inhabit them, Fountaineer give us a visually striking video for their single Still Life.

Let me catch you up on the song first, Still Life is a rocking track. The beat is fast and the drums drive you to dance (for those who can’t dance, just bop), coupled with some ethereal guitar chords and a grounding keyboard, it is one of those songs that awakens the deep longing within you to find your bliss. The band have alluded that the song is about “small minds and small towns”. They created the song as a comment about people watching life slip past them. It’s an anthem to those who are restless and refuse to settle for anything less than “going big”.

Anthony White heads up those sweet soulful vocals in the song with Kieran Daly on the guitar and Matt “Bear” Thornton bringing it home with keyboard. Last year the band gained some amazing accolades, winning triple J’s Groovin The Moo comp and scoring FBI Radio’s Indie Artist of the Month.

The film clip is perfect at underlining the song’s meaning. It begins very accordingly with a blurred image of an outdated TV showing some meaningless image and quickly changes to a lead character in the clip, The Man with the Golden Fox Head (at least I think it’s a fox head)… it’s like DeadMau5 meets “What does the fox say.”

Anyway this is our hero, trying to find meaning in a dead-end town. We follow him on his journey through various outback’s and small town roads while we are flooded with intermittent pictures of other small town motifs like churches, power lines and creeks. Along the way he finds a picture frame, which is crucial so keep an eye on it.

I’m doing my best to give you the idea but honestly coupled with the song it quite a moving experience, if you’re feeling trapped or having a crappy day it is the type of clip that can give you hope and help get the creativity flowing.