PREMIERE: Dive into the eccentric brilliance of French Concession’s new Empress video

Earlier this year, Christchurch based artist French Concession (real name Ella Chau) released her eccentric fifth EP Empress. On the EP, Chau delivered a unique and fully-formed artistic vision.

With exuberant music and visual components to match, we guarantee French Concession is unlike any other artist you’ve come across before. And we’re stoked to be premiering her brand-new video for the EP’s title track Empress.

Empress, the energetic and eccentric new video from Christchurch artist French Concession, is a glorious slice of dreamy and quirky art-pop.

On Empress, Chau navigates glittery synths and airy vocals to deliver a quirky brand of dreamy art-pop that’ll stick in your head for days.

The track’s incredibly bizarre accompanying video was filmed in Shenzhen, China back in 2017, and sees the artist garbed in bold, colourful outfits.

Chau says the costumes were inspired by Big Ma Chinese fashion; a fashion movement typified by older ladies wearing loud and clashing items of clothing with a variety of colourful accessories.

I had very little contact and understanding of Mainland China while I was growing up, but after living and travelling there I have developed a fascination for these newly appeared Chinese sub cultures,” French Concession says.

These sub-cultures really speak the subconscious mind of the masses and are a reaction to modern Chinese history. I feel that people in provincial China are much less self-conscious than the predominant culture in the West, and Western cultural rules don’t apply in China, which essentially explains the way they express themselves in public.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the new clip above.