PREMIERE: Suits, ninjas and white powder: get your fix in Rooftop Love Club’s new clip White Collar

Hailing from Toronto, duo Rooftop Love Club are whipping up authentic blues-tinged tunes thick with reverb and an undeniable inkling to shake your hair around.

The pair have returned with a brand new music video to get you your fix. Fresh number White Collar is Rooftop Love Club’s latest riff-rock masterpiece, heavy with baritone guitar and catchy hooks.

Visceral and loud like much of their previous work, White Collar is a compelling track that conveys the incredible power and ability in Hock’s charismatic vocals. Accompanying the track is a three minute clip that resonates with catchy lyrics, “You’re gonna take over son. You’re gonna take over, well done.

rooftop love club white collar film clip

Drawing similarities to The Black Keys, Rooftop Love Club beam with a raw and authentic rock and roll energy, smothered in Hock’s velvety-smooth vocals, fuzzed-out choruses and Weiss’ warm, boomy drums.

Starring Marc Hazel and Michael Boroda and written and directed by Henri Meleqi, the video kicks off with a man in a suit, standing alone in the night. As the video progresses so does our curiosity, the man beginning to itch himself nervously. Out of nowhere comes a mysterious man with a bag full of ‘goodies’, and it’s evident this pen-pusher is in need of his fix.

Removing his clothes, he changes into a ninja outfit before lighting his old get-up on fire and watching them turn to ash. Taking a sniff of some questionable white powder, the true ninja within ‘takes over’.

If White Collar was right up your alley, you’ll be happy to know there’s more where that came from. Check out Rooftop Love Club’s 11-track banger of an album, Jejune below.