PREMIERE: How much bizarre stuff can one film clip hold? Borneo test the limits of weirdness on Hold Me In The River

With a huge year behind them, Sydney based indie-rockers Borneo have returned with a brand spankin’ new video for single Hold Me in The River, fresh from their upcoming and unnamed EP due for release in March.

Though the video is freaky and fresh, the single could be heard around the touring circuit as the band’s opening track to their live set in recent times.

A rusty bath tub opens up the clip, followed by the boys running down the back of a house, and entering to smoke machines, a floating alien head, and strange moments laying in aforementioned tub.

hold me in the river

With stairwell parties, demonic lights and one rusty bath, Borneo’s clip for Hold Me In The River smashes through as loudly and quirkily as the song.

Banging down the door of all things weird and wacky, the band don’t hold back throughout the video, much the way parents don’t hold back on pushing their beliefs, a subject that inspired the single greatly.

Bass player and front man Nick Colbey says that the single is “…a tale of left and right and the influence our parents have on us with our core beliefs. There’s also an alien in there named Zook looking down thinking, ‘These cretins are insane! They’re killing each and every being they have!”

With stairwell dances, red fluorescent lights, several attempts at drowning and the most robot-like group grooves you’ll ever see the video comes to a close, leaving you to feel both elated and confused wondering what the hell you just watched.

A melting pot of madness would be the answer! We dug every second.