PREMIERE: The spirit of Jane Weaver haunts an abandoned circus in her new clip Did You See Butterflies?

Across the world in Northern England, you have to dig a little deeper to get your hands on quality new music. Jane Weaver operates as a bright star in this small but shining community, bringing her surroundings an elegant form of pop driven by dreamy synth work and fantastical melodies.

Her newest clip sees Weaver collaborating with Finnish artist, filmmaker and fashion designer, Paola SuhonenDid You See Butterflies?  was shot on 16mm film in an abandoned circus in Finland, the space feeling cathartically beautiful and haunted all at once.

The 16mm film gives Weaver a ghostly quality, a mystifying sheen which drapes itself over the clip throughout its runtime. A lack of colour and perceivable shadow sees Weaver appearing as if out of thin air, or melding into her environment like a camouflaged animal.

jane weaver did you see butterflies? single video premiere

Enwreathed in a dark, ethereal energy, English pop sensation Jane Weaver delivers an electrical performance on Did You See Butterflies?

The whole clip inspires a creeping sensation that something is terribly amiss, that some other-worldly curse has been inflicted upon the place, never to leave.

It’s a magnetic feeling, only compounded by Weaver’s composure as Suhonen’s subject. Backed up by her original track, a brooding, lo-fi slice of pop perfection, you’ll find it impossible to rip your eyes away.

Did You See Butterflies?  is taken from Weaver’s upcoming album Modern Kosmology, out May 19th on Fire Records via Rocket.