PREMIERE: Jenn Grinels pens an ode to the wanderlust-wrapped traveller on ‘Anytime Soon’

On her latest single, Jenn Grinels unlocks freedom and hope through intimate lyricism and groove-laden choruses.

Forced to collapse our entire worlds into the four walls of our homes, it’s safe to say that we’re all craving a healthy dose of space and freedom. Jenn Grinels may have delivered just that: a song that allows you to unlock your landscape and daydream for adventure.

At its core, Anytime Soon is a sonic scrapbook for the unbounded traveller. Pairing a stripped-back rhythm section with lush choruses of piano and acoustic, the single clouds us in travel-worn nostalgia, painting the limitlessness of exploration in the faded hues of a Polaroid picture.

jenn grinels

Close to a decade ago, Jenn Grinels packed up her life and took to the road. Trailing from city to city and refining her skills along the way, she found herself performing on some of America’s most iconic stages alongside immense talents. Anytime Soon is her love song to this experience, exploring the risk and reward she felt through earthy bass-lines and rich string melodies. Like all of her work, there is an unshakeable rawness that echoes through the track, allowing the listener to hang off every word she sings.

“In Anytime Soon, Jenn takes a look through the rearview at the sacrifices she’s made and risks she’s taken, knowing that even if she could, she wouldn’t change a thing,” the artist’s bio reads. “Lush piano melodies and dreamy string arrangements reverberate and swirl around a stripped-down and groovy rhythm section, creating a mood that’s simultaneously sad and triumphant, perfectly complimenting the song’s bittersweet refrain ‘I’m not coming home anytime soon.'”


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Opening with a skeletal bass line, the artist slowly builds her landscape of hope in increments, glazing the track with percussion and piano melodies that bring a unique sense of hope with them. Although a slow burner, it’s incredible how much weight that Grinels’ near-isolated vocals can bear. The instrumentals of this track are merely the gloss over the canvas, adding sparkles of nostalgia and freedom to the artwork the singer has already created.

Anytime Soon is a track that will keep Grinels’ die-hard fans happy, while ushering a fresh indie-folk take into her catalogue.

Check out the single’s stunning music video below: