PREMIERE: Kimonos, mankinis and some erotic psychedelic funk get mashed together in Thunder Fox’s incredible video for Ride

It is in human nature to be fascinated by the profane. Perhaps it is the feeling of rebellion, or the inner satisfaction one gets from doing something deemed to be ‘naughty’; all in all it cannot be denied that the euphoric rush is arguably what we the people of the 21st century breathe for – isn’t that after all partially why the sexual revolution of the 1960’s came about? Thunder Foxs new track Ride delves into our subconscious desires in a kinetic wave of delectable psychedelic proportions, and we haven’t heard anything this simultaneously funky and erogenous since the likes of a shirtless Anthony Kiedis of the holy Red Hot Chili Peppers not to mention the psychedelic prodigy himself – Jimi Hendrix.

Thunder Fox ride

Feeling a little raunchy? Allow Sydney’s six-piece Thunder Fox to appease your appetite for the amorous with their sensual, funky, explosive video for Ride.

Thunder Fox are a devilishly hip crew of six hailing from Sydney’s northern beaches. The group dabbles within a genre explained by the band as “a majestic explosion of psychedelic funk rock”; which after listening to just one of their tracks, becomes evident in a cacophonic libido feeding harmony of pure psychedelic retribution. The band’s 2015 EP Cosmic Pudding is a bold collection of sensually captivating bedroom funk. One cannot listen to their sound without feeling a strong sense of ephemeral joy – I would go as far to say a bizarre form of aphrodisiac if you will. Ride is merely an extension from their previous offerings, in a more smack-bang earsplitting rendezvous with creative control.

The song features an amalgamation of tantalizing guitar riff battles, extraordinary brass insertions, and climatic vocal fixes offering an astounding tangible quality to their music. The plot line delves into the archetypal character of the femme fatale in a form of temptress who takes the protagonist in question for a ‘ride’. While the expression doesn’t leave much room for the imagination, the sheer notion of the concept can’t help but make one’s cheeks turn rouge. I deem the genre as bedroom funk because it’s music you would have hid from your parents back in the glory days.

The newly dropped video accompanying the track watches the band essentially doing what they do best – shredding out some explosive psychedelic funk. Based on the naughty overtones in their music, it isn’t a surprise that nudity plays a significant part, as does the likes of some funky threads in a visual trance of kimonos, mankinis, and some psychedelic projectile calligraphy of the song’s title. The clip leaves one feeling violated yet ironically frisky from the cheeky intuitiveness and honesty behind the band’s performance – particularly in the momentary bridge where lead guitarist Sam Frank mouths out “Get down with the get down”.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself busting out a riff mid dishwashing or other mindless household tasks. The song will stay with you like a first sexual encounter  – it’s so damn catchy, you won’t be able to let it go, which is too much of a beautiful correlation with the line “Feels just like the first time, taking over your mind,” it’s almost too real to be a coincidence.

This Ride consigns as a platform for guaranteed bigger and better things to come from Thunder Fox. The band are playing a show for their single launch at the Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville on the 6th of February so be sure to check it out.