PREMIERE: Need some colour in your life? Trip out to Put Yourself Down, the spicy new clip from Thunder Fox

Funk-rock six piece Thunder Fox are continuing their legacy of weirdness, with a brand new music video that celebrates standing out from the crowd and not conforming to convention.

From splits to hair-flicks and a million dollar smile, the clip for Put Yourself Down is a circus of psychedelic effects with a dancing mermaid as the main attraction.

The horn driven track entails everything from soulful vocals, fierce guitar riffs and groovy bass lines which, quite literally, keep us begging for more.

thunder fox put yourself down

Bursting once again with explosions of funk, spicy AF six-piece Thunder Fox have hit the nail on the head with Put Yourself Down.

With an opening shot of glittery, silver boots that slowly pan up to reveal a pink-haired mermaid in a painted on bra (if you can even call it that), it’s immediately apparent we’re in for one hell of a ride.

From splashes of colour, angry bursts of pink and animated effects nostalgic of our Windows Movie Maker days, all focus is taken on the dancing, doe-eyed female stranger.

As the video progresses, we find ourselves continually greeted with explosions of tie-dye fireworks, static and projected patterns, all amplified as the chorus hits. Put Yourself Down screams psychedelic sexiness while making it evident this girl has got it all, as the mystical, scarcely clothed creature continually busts out moves you’d otherwise pay to see.

Both on stage and off, Thunder Fox continually bring the entertainment, with Put Yourself Down promising four and a half minutes of groovy, succulent sounds accentuated by a dream-girl parading around in gold paint and transparent pants.

It goes without saying the boys have pulled off yet another mind-blowing music video, and you’d be a fool to miss a live performance.


Catch them later in the year at Lost Paradise, Subsonic, Strawberry Fields, Dragon Dreaming or Hey Sunshine Festival. Stay up to date on their Facebook page.