PREMIERE: Les Krills brighten up a desperately dark issue with their dreamy new clip Old Shoes

There’s just something about rediscovering something you forgot you loved. For Suffolk Park locals Les Krills, it was a forgotten pair of kicks. In their most recent clip for single Old Shoes, the boys have put together a gripping, warm and beautifully shot film about finding your way out of a dark place.

Under the guise of stumbling upon a pair of beat up Chuck Taylors, our weary protagonist emerges from his dark slumber a new man. Yet according to band members Alain De Carne and Nick Pollett, the track does have a darker undertone.

Written by De Carne, Old Shoes draws from his experiences falling back into drinking too much.

Packed with clear narrative, Old Shoes by Les Krills perfectly matches crisp visuals to a raw, brutally honest and guitar driven indie track.

A catchy and bright acoustic track, Old Shoes is everything you want as we head into the depths of winter. The self-produced clip was filmed nearby to Byron Bay and with Pollet’s background in filmmaking, it’s no surprise that the video is seriously well done.

A track off their debut EP titled In Another Life, Old Shoes gives us the perfect taste of what to expect from these guys in the future. Dropping quality release after quality release, these guys have an attention to detail which is setting their music apart from the pack.

Having already been acknowledged as s Triple J Unearthed Spotlight Feature Artist, it’s not just us that thinks it. Sure to be taking summer by storm, there is just no ignoring how brilliantly Les Krills shines.

In Another Life is out now. Listen to the EP below.