Dive into Lost Tropics’ surf soaked new EP In Technicolour

Like a big surging wave of heady coastal fuzz and garage riffs, Lost Tropics’ debut EP In Technicolour meets the shore in an impressive whitewash, launching the band forwards and demanding to be noticed. It’s surf rock and then some, with angular, punky vocals, and psych-rock riffs seeping through.

The Sydney six-piece are seasoned live performers, bringing their high energy rock n’ roll to shows across New South Wales. They’ve captured the same energy in stereo, dropping their first single La La land last year and now delivering their searing debut EP.

In Technicolour is a showcase of deft songwriting from a relatively new band. In all it’s drunken debauchery, it’s a fresh and dynamic spin on classic surf rock.

The EP grapples with themes of youth culture, mental health, friendship, and nostalgia. Like bands such as Hockey Dad and The Kava Kings, it takes a light-hearted, quick-witted approach to a myriad of ideas, serving a playful romp with each story. In Technicolour is the theme song to Sydney’s Southern beaches: complete with beers, surf, and a bunch of mates.

In Technicolour is the host of some impressive collaborations too. The album was produced by Chris Collins, who’s worked with Gang of Youths, Middle Kids, Skeggs, Ruby Fields, and Last Dinosaurs, and the art was done by Jack Irvine, who’s previously done art for Skeggs and Billie Eilish.

Lost Tropics have without a doubt found their groove and hit their stride hard. In Technicolour is adorned in slacker fuzz and playful riffs, but every note feels struck with intention and force. It’s a cool intersection to meet at, and they’ve done it damn well.

You can listen to In Technicolour below: