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How food boxes can help make your diet more sustainable

Sustainability has never been more important. Well, maybe it was more important 40 years ago, but what can you do? The present is the best time to institute positive change in your life, and some things can change for the better very easily.

A great place to start is with something you do each and every day – eating. With companies both local and global pushing sustainable methods more than ever, it’s become a no-brainer to focus on food that makes your mind – and tummy – feel content.

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Photo: Ooooby

Want to start eating more sustainably? Ooooby are the Sydney-based food delivery service promoting organic fruit and veg by supporting local farmers.

Ooooby is your one-way ticket to a more sustainable, friendlier, and more ethical diet. They’re a food box delivery service with a focus on encouraging healthy seasonal eating, all while supporting small-scale local farming.

Signing up to Ooooby will have a box of fruit, vegetables, or a mix of the two showing up at your door, with the options of one-off, weekly, or fortnightly deliveries. You can choose the size of the box, so it’s an option for solo rollers and family folk alike.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having a consistent stream of delicious, organic fruit and veggies, grabbing your groceries through Ooooby has plenty of unseen merit. Local sources mean far less delivery miles, plus fresher food with less packaging and fewer preservatives. Local jobs are supported, bulk deliveries costs less for what you get, and the curated boxes encourage variety in your diet.


If you want to give it a try, check out Ooooby here. For a sneaky $20 off your first order, sign up with the code ‘HAPPYMAG’.



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April 23, 2019