PREMIERE: Lucid Hoops – ‘I Feel Used’

Furious alt-rock quartet, Lucid Hoops, return with a firecracker of grunge, old-school punk, and an all-out headbanger, I Feel Used. 

Sydney quartet, Lucid Hoops, are back just in time to satisfy our hunger for dirty rock that has been gnawing all lockdown.

The group have served up I Feel Used, an electric fireball of energy and angst that is destined to rattle the stage it was birthed to play on.

Lucid Hoops
Photograph by Olivia Platt

Coming off their Kinder Company single earlier this year, Lucid Hoops continue to carry a distinct level of sharpness and grittiness that has been harnessed from years of rehearsals and gigs. Ash, Luke, Connor, and Jack throw a punch into the Aussie-rock pocket, lingering with their crowd-chanting melodies and raw energy.

I Feel Used centres arounds the themes of powerlessness in a relationship. It revels in the hard-hitting manipulation of being caught in a vicious cycle of  craving approval from undeserving people. What Lucid Hoops elevates is a angsty frustration that leaves you consumed by every drop of energy as lead vocalist Ash belts: “I feel used, I feel used, holdin’ me down and now I’m drowning in deterrence.” 

Not to mention the tune is bloody fun. Soaring alongside the vocals is a fluent and hypnotic bassline, a drum rhythm that slams like the tide, and an echo that pulls you into a sweating, swirling mosh pit.


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“We’ve been holding this track close to our chests for a long time now”, the group revealed. “There are actual snippets of us first rehearing the track from over a year ago sprinkled throughout the recording.”

One thing is shatteringly clear: Lucid Hoops are a tightly-knit force of character and passion that are impossible to tame.

I Feel Used will be available on Spotify November 17, but until then, have a cheeky listen to the track below: