Lucid Hoops run circles around us with latest alt-rock single, ‘Kinder Company’

In a burst of grungy and spurring angst, four-piece Sydney group, Lucid Hoops, spur experimental sonic waves in Kinder Company. 

Lucid Hoops, the groundbreaking alt-rock group, burst with exactly what we are craving right now, Kinder Company. 

the track follows a fire-blazing trail of singles from the group, setting the blasting acceleration of the riffs to inevitably come.

Lucid Hoops
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Lucid Hoops seeps with the fearless destructive energy of the punk-rock genre.

With their guitar riffs, drum slams, and hypnotically daring vocals, Ash, Luke and twins Connor and Jack are an unstoppable juggernaut of character and colour.

Kinder Company is a result of the group’s pent up fireworks that spurred in the heat of the 2020 lockdown.

Swizzling in potential lyrics and ideas, the group recalled that once they were reunited; “the inspiration and ideas took off with the crazy and silly energy we are known for; and had been missing”.

This sense of magnetism is proven from the second Kinder Company kicks off.

It is clear that each layer of the track feeds off the other – Ash’s lighting vocals sizzling in line with the guitar melody, until the chorus explodes and the gear shifts into a 90’s grunge rock riff.


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The energy dancing within the track is electrifying, thumping along the same golden vein of Ball Park Music’s early work.

There is not a drop of fear or doubt as the track hits its climatic scream in the bridge, leaving the listener feeling empowered and thirsty for more Kinder Company. 

“Kinder Company is rooted in frustration with a toxic person who is causing havoc in your life. The song is a rant to a loved one or your imagination having that fake argument in your head with this awful person”  Lucid Hoops explain.

Whilst the group’s plans for hitting the road on a tour have been buried under Sydney’s lockdown, it’s pretty clear Lucid Hoops’ are rumbling the alt-rock ground at a rate that can’t be stopped.

Enjoy Kinder Company below: