“I Wanna Be You”: Kamikaze Council’s Dynamic Debut EP Ignites the Punk Scene

Unleashing punk fervor, Kamikaze Council storms the scene with their electrifying debut EP, ‘I Wanna Be You’.

One year before Sydney’s live music scene fell silent, three young musicians united in July 2019, birthing the riotous punk force known as Kamikaze Council. Today, after four years of relentless passion and hard work, they proudly unleash their debut EP, ‘I Wanna Be You’.

Driven by the propulsive singles ‘Piss’ and ‘Through It All’, this audacious collection exudes hedonistic vigor and indomitable resilience. Drawing inspiration from punk legends like Nirvana and The Ramones, while adding a contemporary flair akin to Skegss and Hockey Dad, Kamikaze Council masterfully blends energy and infectious catchiness into their anthems.

kamikaze council

‘Piss’, a raucous punk banger yearning for drunken camaraderie, bears the stamp of The Chats’ boisterousness, humorously celebrating Aussie brews with wit: “Tooheys New, Tooheys Dry, XXXX, Tooheys Extra Dry”. In stark contrast, ‘Through It All’ delivers a mid-paced slow-burner, weaving pop hooks and soaring vocals with melancholic weight.

Elevating their sonic journey to its zenith, Kamikaze Council’s EP was expertly mixed and mastered by Sydney’s heavy music producer and metal connoisseur, Matt Clarke, ensuring maximum electrifying impact.

Comprising lead vocalist and guitarist Kurtis Sobb, drummer Tia Tanginoa, and bassist Konstantine Ana, Kamikaze Council emerged from Sydney’s Inner West, gracing one of their earliest gigs at Glebe’s Bed Bar in November 2019. They later stormed Hideaway Bar in Enmore alongside punk comrades like Plants and Commodore Charlie before COVID-19 reshaped the world.

Resolute in their pursuit, the trio managed to seize a coveted gig between lockdowns at Diamond Dogs in Dapto, near Wollongong, sharing the stage with other exuberantly wild acts, including The Lenores.

In a resplendent blaze of punk glory, Kamikaze Council will launch ‘I Wanna Be You’ at the iconic Enmore Hotel on Friday, August 4, joined by Plants, G.A.G, and Cymbidium. A night to remember, one of collective passion and unbridled fervor, awaits music enthusiasts.

As anticipation builds, you can secure your ticket for this unmissable event (HERE) and stay connected with Kamikaze Council on Facebook (HERE). In the meantime, check out their captivating videos for ‘Piss’ and ‘Through It All’, as they herald the arrival of a vibrant new force in the punk universe.