PREMIERE: Something wicked this way comes. Maple Moths revel in mythic psychedelia on The Necromancer

A kindred spirit to the strange and a sibling to the psychonauts of the world, Maple Moths are a Central Coast project who you can always count on for the right colour of wackiness.

Today we conjure up their latest, a deranged psychedelic spell called The Necromancer. Crafted with a creeping chunkiness and a witchy warble, it’s a bone fide hard rock jam that embraces the fantastical with practiced eagerness.

maple moths the necromancer
Single artwork by Jasper Duff

Like a fairy tale gone horribly, horribly wrong, The Necromancer from Maple Moths is a potent legend woven by naught but strings, skins and squalls.

Maple Moths is the solo project of Sean Dwyer, and to date the act has a single, self-titled release to their name. The Necromancer forms the first taste of a forthcoming EP, fittingly titled A Collection Of Horrors.

So if you don’t think you can handle a scare or two, now would be the time to turn back.

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That being said, Dwyer isn’t without a few friends. Grady Henshaw at Ivory Lane Studios engineered The Necromancer, with Jacob Daalmeyer taking on mixing duties. Dwyer also enlists David Cunningham  (Space Carbonara) as a live drummer and Charlie Band (Neighbourhood Void, Hedge Fund) on the bass when he hits the stage.

The new track follows a line set by canonical rockers Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, King Crimson and many more, fiercely incorporating ancient mythos into its veins with spellbinding effectiveness.

If the remainder of A Collection Of Horrors is anywhere as diabolically delectable as The Necromancer, colour us interested.