PREMIERE: Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra drops dreamy new track Make Everything

Following his convention-breaking debut release, The Shirt Albumone-man orchestra Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra returns with a new single, Make Everything. This track celebrates creating things just for the love of it, as opposed to the modern cultural tendency to create with a hunger for fame.

Featuring lo-fi bedroom pop producer apadalia and cult-favourite wearable art duo LOOPY! 鹿皮, the track is an ethereal odyssey that could be described as dreamy lo-fi, if not for the intricate layering of over 20 live instruments throughout.

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra celebrates cultural diversity and creating for the love of it on his dreamy new track Make Everything, featuring apaladia and LOOPY! 鹿皮

Diversity is a running theme throughout Matt’s work, from his diverse talents, such as being able to play over 30 instruments, to his diverse life experiences, such as his childhood stint as a Buddhist monk or his tour with Japanese loop ninja Kenta Hayashi, to his celebration of diverse cultural backgrounds.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Make Everything is, once more, a celebration of diversity, through a unique cross-cultural collaboration and a subtle exploration of Matt’s Taiwanese roots, featuring lyrics in Hokkien (a Taiwanese dialect) by LOOPY! 鹿皮, who also illustrated the single art.

This track is remarkably refined and restrained, especially considering the 20+ instruments used to record it. The myriad of instrumentation adds such a gorgeous atmospheric depth, creating a dreamy sun-dappled aesthetic when paired with the stunning layering of LOOPY! 鹿皮’s ethereal vocals. It’s a glistening, tranquil voyage of sun-soaked ambient musings, sure to transport you to a delightful daydream.

The DIY music video pairs perfectly with the track’s Make Everything ethos, as it showcases the creative processes of each collaborator. With creative direction from Matt, the video was filmed by the three artists who created the song, also featuring silhouette animation by frequent collaborator Ashleigh Djokic. The video, which features home-footage, illustrations and adventures, is heartwarming and charming, guaranteed to put a smile on the corners of your lips.

Make Everything is available for streaming now, and as a bonus track on The Shirt Album — an album released on organic fair-trade shirt.