PREMIERE: Max Cooper’s new video Memories is utterly hypnotic

Following on from the release of One Hundred Billion Sparks this September, Max Cooper has unveiled the visual for his album’s closing track.

An artist who has always valued the power of visual media, every one of his video clips are as experiential as the music they’re accompanied by. His latest, Memories, is no exception to the rule.

max cooper memories video clip happy mag alex Kozobolis
Photo: Alex Kozobolis

Fall into the elusive netherworld of Max Cooper’s Memories, a twisting visualisation from the mind of Roman De Giuli.

For the clip Cooper enlisted the talents of video artist Roman De Giuli, who shot the footage on a backlit petri dish with a transparent base medium. He then built layer upon layer of colour until the complex compositions you see became complete.

The result is a sprawling universe of hues, drifting through blackness, seemingly with a mind of its own.

Speaking of the song, Cooper shared the following.

“[Memories] always had a strong and very specific feeling to it, so when I initially created the prophet and space echo chords, thinking I would develop it into some sort of percussive track, I soon discovered that anything I added only took away from its directness.”

“So I left it as is, and then had a struggle trying to find the right title, given it’s specificity of feeling. Memories was the most succinct title I could find, although it’s more accurately to do with the bittersweet nature of the past.”


One Hundred Billion Sparks is out now.