PREMIERE: Merc Mason drops latest track I Just, a tune ripe for repeat

Vocalist, producer and songwriter Merc Mason has dropped his latest hip-hop banger, I Just. For the Aussie artist, the track marks a slick addition to his already impressive catalogue. Fresh and fiery, I Just pulls out all the stops and shines a spotlight on Merc Mason’s multitude of talents.

Following an explosion of hip-hop into the Australian scene, it’s harder than ever for an artist to separate themselves from the pack. Merc Mason is no stranger to this challenge, as debut EP Lucid introducing his aptitude to us back in 2017.

Merc Mason

I Just from Merc Mason will have you frothing at the mouth for more. Raspy and reactionary, the tune lets us know this artist is here to stay.

Harking to a rap sound reminiscent of the late 2000s, comparisons can be drawn to the works of legendary acts such as Gucci Mane and A$AP Ferg.

Clean and crisp in its style, the track was produced by Kin Rich and recorded in ye old Sydney. I Just slots perfectly into place as the soundtrack to a highway cruise or some nightclub shenanigans.

Opening with a space-aged synth beat, the track bounces and breathes with all the classic trap elements we’ve come to expect from Merc. Standing out with its injection of character and a declaration of greatness, I Just simply hits the nail on the head. Above all, the track is fun and flashy, with lyrics that snap, crackle and pop:

“Oh, so what’s the go? To the King of the Jungle, what’s a goat? I’m the captain of this motherfucking boat. If you ain’t with the shit, jump ship.”

It’s a jam that only gets better upon repeat. So plug in your headphones or wind your windows down, Merc Mason ain’t mucking around.