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PREMIERE: Michael Burrows’ latest music video is a heartfelt ode to Aussie life

Singer-songwriter Michael Burrows has just released the music video for Brightest Star, a bubbly and emotive tune off his latest album Turn This Love Around.

The video is made up of a bunch of old videotapes from the 70s and 80s, painting an iconic and heartfelt picture of Australian life and childhood memories, with bike rides, birthday parties and BBQs.

Michael Burrows’ music video for Brightest Star is comprised of old video footage from the 70s/80s, showcasing iconic Australian imagery.

Brightest Star is an example of Burrows’ culmination of folk, rock and Americana style sounds, with a subtle acoustic guitar melody paired with an alternating bass line. With uplifting lyrics like “you’re my brightest star, the suns got nothing on you,” the song is heartfelt with detailed storytelling.

Speaking about the idea behind the music video, Burrows shared:

“My dad gave me a heap of old 70’s/80’s super 8 footage he had forgotten about of my family growing up and it seemed to fit perfectly with the song.

The world is in a crazy place right now and this was written about all the Brightest Stars we know who are chasing a dream, fighting a battle or helping others”.

Burrows is no newcomer to the Australian music scene, recording with iconic artists such as Neil Finn from Crowded House as well as supporting international artists such as Martha Wainwright. More recently, the musician collaborated with producer Jimmy Nichols (musical director for Faith Hill) and Grammy award-winning co-writer Frank Meyers on new tunes, which were engineered/mixed by Steve Marcantonio (also a Grammy winner) in Nashville.

Check out the new video above.


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July 12, 2019