PREMIERE: Miss the good old red and blue 3D? High Violet bring back that cellophane feeling with their new video for Give In

We first heard the dreamy pop vibes of High Violet earlier this year with their ode to infatuation, Only Heart. After some exploration in 2015, the four-piece have brought back more of their pop infused, indie rock sensibilities with single number two.

Give In is an enchanting piece of music that further draws on inspiration from newer acts like Lana Del Rey as well as that iconic Fleetwood Mac sound from the mid to late 80’s. The track was recorded in a tiny home studio in Redfern with help from friends Paul Woody Annison and Pluto Jonze.

high violet

Go back in time to the days of two-colour 3D movies in the enigmatic, atmospheric and seductive new video for Give In from High Violet.

The vocals are a highlight that can’t go unmentioned. With a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a song from Grimes or Chairlift, Emily Smart glides seamlessly over the top of the steady groove with faultless harmonies and a mysterious, secretive tone.

In the background, some lazy guitar strumming captures your attention as the rest of the band steadily builds to a point of dreamy delight. The guitars slide into the woozy pop feel but also carry just enough attitude to keep you excited.

If the song hasn’t quite sent you into a trance yet, the accompanying film clip is sure to do just that. It’s set in a dark venue as the band plays a live rendition of the song, with vibrant coloured lighting and a doubling effect that feels like a 3D film without the funky cellophane specs.

Scattered throughout the song are seductive close-ups of the singer’s lips as she mouths lyrics with an enigmatic smile on her face. Groovy mid shots of the band shredding along to their heart’s content also feature in the clip.

In a move being made by more and more artists lately, the music video was done DIY style by the band, an impressive feat for any budding muso. Creating an atmosphere that so perfectly fits a track is a tough ask indeed.

Much like the rest of the song, the lyrics are shrouded in mystery, with ambiguous lines about frustrating relationships and addiction to love. On the song’s meaning Smart only says,Addiction is like quicksand, the more you struggle, the tighter it grips and the less chance you have of breaking free. Sometimes it just feels easier to give in.”

Give In is out now.