Chairlift reveal all the details on their upcoming album Moth

American synth-pop frontrunners Charlift have spoken out about their much anticipated forthcoming third record entitled Moth, due out later in January.

chairlift moth

Speaking to Pitchfork about the record, one half of the duo Caroline Polachek revealed:

“Moths aren’t something you really see in New York City. You don’t see them very often, at least, but we liked the idea of the moth as a metaphor for vulnerability, for something that’s fragile but relentless at the same time. It goes towards the light; it beats its wings until it dies. There are risks everywhere, but it doesn’t question them. So for us, that was sort of the attitude for the music: something really beautiful, vulnerable, honest.”

Two singles from the record have already been revealed, Ch-Ching and Romeo. You can check out the full tracklisting below:

01 Look Up
02 Polymorphing
03 Romeo
04 Ch-Ching
05 Crying in Public
06 Ottawa to Osaka
07 Moth to the Flame
08 Show U Off
09 Unfinished Business
10 No Such Thing as Illusion

Moth is out January 22 via Columbia Records.