PREMIERE: Mondecreen get velvet smooth on Dark and Day

Friday, you’re finally here. The light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time to just let it all melt away, and what better way to do so than with some velvety RnB. Thick piano licks, juicy vocals, tight rapping and a dash of sexy saxo-mo-phone thrown in. That’s what Friday should always be about, and if you’re in short supply of such a thing then wrap your ears around Dark & Day from Canberra’s Mondecreen and Indighost.


Mondecreen teams up with the prolific Indighost for Dark & Day. A simple piano riff, smooth vocals, tight rapping and seductive sax make for a dynamic track.

Mondecreen is George Stavridis And Roshan Fernandez, a pair who have been playing instruments since they were knee high. Roshan accumulated impressive skills learning piano, guitar, bass and developed a good ear for drums too. His soon to be partner in crime George was a clarinet player before falling in love with jazz and blues. He soon picked up the epitome of sexy instruments, the saxophone and after learning how to improivse whilst playing he has never looked back. Meeting through mutual friends the pair formed Mondecreen and began jamming.

Paying a visit to local spot La De Da Mondecreen happened upon Indighost. As George recals “It just so happened that Indighost was rapping as part of a cypher that night. We heard him, loved his timber and flow, so Roshan invited him onto the track. He certainly did not let us down on this one, really tight bars as always from Indi“.

The song is built on that piano line, it doesn’t just bop, it struts. And it struts proudly. From here the big drawcard are those smooth vocals, the melodic hook just perfect. Like a certain bearded fellow, the vocals here here gentle and comforting. The melody is super simple but damn it is catchy. Everything falls into place from here. The bass snakes it’s way around the track, though it’s buried under the mix it keeps a firm reign on the pace. George’s beloved saxophone makes an appearance of course, it’s presence making itself known gradually as Dark & Day goes on. It’s as raw as you can get, recorded in a low-reverb environment

This song could have worked as a chilled out RnB track, but it’s Indighost’s rapping that opens up a whole new dimension. The sung chorus/ rapped verse is a tried tradtion that in many cases has worn out its welcome, but here the boys make it work. Production wise there’s not too much going on, so the dynamics between the two vocals fills out most the track. Inidghost’s verses are tight, his timing and pace are spot on. It’s a well balanced tune. As George says “It’s like a well balanced ham sandwich you make at home. Good meat, lettuce and cheese ratio with a dash of special sauce“.

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