PREMIERE: Enter the dark, immersive world of NANA SPAM’s new EP Infinite

Last month, when Melbourne based trio NANA SPAM released their single Bless, we were immediately immersed in their dark, synth-pop sounds. The band ooze out an unusually sensual brand of music that we guarantee you’ll quickly get hooked on.

Ever since Bless first dropped, we’ve been spinning it on repeat… so today, we’re stoked to be premiering their debut EP Infinite.

On their debut EP Infinite, Melbourne synth-pop trio NANA SPAM create a dark and sprawling universe that will collapse around you.

Infinite is a five-track offering of haunting vocal melodies and glassy production. Throughout its duration, NANA SPAM glide through a hypnotic concoction of dream pop, new wave, and electronica to craft a sound uniquely their own.

With sporadic rhythms and interchanging male and female vocals, the band piece together sprawling sonic landscapes that you’ll have no problem losing yourself within. Their music is simultaneously boundless and claustrophobic – it will immerse you in a strange, dark universe before collapsing around you.

These are still early days for NANA SPAM, but judging by what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality material from this Melbourne three-piece.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Infinite above.