PREMIERE: RAYN will hypnotise you on her new single ‘Yes’

Aussie artist RAYN has announced the official release of her second single Yes from her debut EP, Serotonin. 

Combining an irresistibly earthy sound with raw and honest lyricism, RAYN will leave you dying for another taste of her unique sonic sensibilities. 

Yes is the second single from RAYN this year, following on from OMM in early October. Produced by J4 and mixed by Grammy-nominated Maddmix, who has worked with the likes of Beyonce and Justin Bieber, this track is assembled to utmost perfection.  

RAYN is a strong believer in creative expression; sexual, mental and physical. This really shines through on Yes with the deliverance of a sultry and sensual sound which forces you to sway and move. This, combined with RAYN’s profound lyricism exploring love and lust, leaves listeners grasping on to every word and reflecting on their each and every meaning. Her sensual lyrics are brought to life further with, euphoric guitars and luxuriant harmonies that are sure to pull you in for the track’s entire duration. 

It appears that RAYN possesses her very own unique way of looking at the world and as a result can turn her thoughts into music which is unlike anything else you have heard before. Growing up in a small NSW town and not always entirely fitting in offers fresh perspectives which she has clearly accumulated and curated to make tunes that offer as much insight as they do funk and soul. 

Along with the release of her first two singles, RAYN made her debut performance at this year’s FKA Festival in the Hunter Valley, delivering a stunning display which foreshadows how incredible her live performances are set to be. 

RAYN is carving the way for people who don’t quite belong, celebrating difference and individuality in a way which is sure to speak to anyone. Now is the time to get on the RAYN train and follow it for what will surely be one hell of a journey, straight to the top.