PREMIERE: Rhi Miles mourns a childhood she never had in ‘Twenty-Three’

Sydney singer-songwriter Rhi Miles has released an emotionally raw and nostalgic video to accompany her newest track, Twenty-Three. 

Acoustic artist Rhi Miles has shared a genuine and moving visual for her single, Twenty-ThreeThe track, featured in her recent album of the same title, delves into Miles’ revolving life as a transient child and unlearning difficult lessons as an adult.

There is nothing insincere about Rhi Miles, she simply oozes honesty and rawness. Twenty-Three is a visual representation of Miles’ childhood growing up overseas, where constant moves made saying goodbye to friends the norm. “The only language I really know/is the pain and anguish of letting go”, Miles sings.

Rhi Miles

There is something utterly consuming and moving about the lyrics of Twenty-Three. Miles’s honey-pour into the childhood stories “of airports, inevitable endings/I look for replacements in seasons and weddings” strikes an intimate chord of longing and home.

The visuals are a kaleidoscopic glimmer of hope that the fluidity of a home nurtures gratitude for quality time with loved ones. Miles collaborated with her cousin Ro Miles, his wife (Anita Miles), and their daughter Lilla to capture the roots of the track in the Blue Mountains.

The scenes, caught by Ro Miles, trickle with intimacy and care, as young Lilla ponders through the supermarket and the playground whilst Miles and her acoustic guitar longingly haunt us with the regret of a lost childhood.


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There is an unmatchable warmth and beauty in the simplicity of the video, brought to life with smooth harmonies and a glistening violin tune as Miles’ sings, “I’m still hurting”. Time simply stops as Miles stares directly into the lens and echoes:

“I still regret at the age of five/Moving house, not letting myself cry/Told myself what’s one more goodbye”. 

Become moved by the golden mastery of Rhi Miles in Twenty-Three below: