PREMIERE: Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks’ new single Jesus In Hell is a twisted Christmas nightmare

Well, it’s the 25th of December and Mum’s Christmas carols are getting pretty taxing. Rod Stewart’s Christmas CD was a tough listen the first ten times, but now each passing second of Merry Christmas, Baby is pure torture.

But just as Christmas was becoming an unbearable chore, Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks have come and wiped away the pain. On the anniversary of Jesus’ birthday, the band have blessed us with one of the most twisted and mind-bending Christmas tracks we’ve ever heard. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Jesus In Hell.

It’s time to burn your old Rod Stewart Christmas CD! Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks have just released the most twisted track in Christmas history.

Clocking in at 10 minutes, 43 seconds, the track is a sprawling, experimental jazz number that will make you feel like you’ve been personally defiled by Lucifer himself. The song sees The Devil speaking directly to Jesus through the narrator’s unnerving growl.

Jesus can you fuck me / can you fuck me in the ass?” he snarls.

Jesus In Hell was recorded entirely in one take, with no member really having any idea of which direction it would go. “All I had was the first line of the song,” O’Neill says. “The rest I made up as the tape was rolling.

The band had never heard the song before we recorded it. All they knew was it is in A and to watch me at all times and I’ll conduct the track.

Do yourself a favour and listen to Jesus In Hell above. Catch the band performing the track live at The Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford on January 24th.