PREMIERE: Sleepy reach new heights of 90s nostalgia on Photograph

PREMIERE: Rip yourself back to sunnier times with Photograph, the gold-laced new single from Sleepy

Roll-Ups. The Dixie Chicks. That thing you could do to a Telstra phone booth where you held down the buttons too long and it went out of order.

Now that you’re thinking of the 90s, you’re in the perfect headspace to absorb Photograph, the latest single from Sydney slacker-rockers Sleepy.

sleepy band photograph single premiere

Blasting straight out of the 90s and into your teenage daydreams, Sleepy open a can of triple-distilled nostalgia with Photograph.

Opening up with a relentlessly Californian guitar jam, Photograph  doesn’t waste any of its runtime before ripping you straight back to a time period from whence you came.

It paints a picture of when life was easier, the skies drenched in as much hazy gold as Venice Beach shot on film. It’s the surfer-dude coolness of The Drums bred into the slacker nonchalance of Beck, a combination that’s so frighteningly magnetic it should be illegal.

While Sleepy’s main draw is undoubtedly in their nostalgic longing, they’ve tapped into the lo-fi aesthetic brilliantly thanks to some crafty effects work.

The whole song occurs beneath layers of aloof reverb, warm fuzziness and vocals which never quite fade away, a hard-to-place topping which evokes the same wistfulness as the surface noise of vinyl records or filters over 35mm film.

Which could well be the source of this song’s name. Ask yourself, is there a more direct pathway to your sentimentality than a weathered old photograph?


Sleepy are officially launching Photograph on Friday April 21 at the Petersham Bowling Club. Supports are Imperial Broads, Snape and Lapse.

Find all the details you need right here.