PREMIERE: Rosa Maria unveil their bananas new video for Howlin'

PREMIERE: Rosa Maria unveil their bananas new video for Howlin’

Noting the process of tapping into vintage auditory wormholes is hardly a revelation when talking about a band like Rosa Maria. The Sydney-based quintet positively ooze with the reverbed vibes of Southern California psych, and rock n’ roll of decades past.

Their music is a bath of surf, blues, and garage—the kind of music you get lost inside of. Anyone who’s seen the band live knows the feeling. Their sounds seep into your bones, into your hips, and leave you no choice but to dance.

Now, as they gear up to release their second full-length album Here She Comes (out September 20th through Third Eye Stimuli Records), Rosa Maria have shared a new video for the record’s lead single, Howlin’.

Before they release their second full-length album Here She Comes next month, Rosa Maria have unveiled another new video for Howlin’.

The new video (shot and directed by Christopher Adam Pierags, One Minute Left Productions) is a melting pot of old-school sounds and visuals. It sees the band (attempt to) lay down a live performance of the track in a certain Potts Point recording studio.

Their sound engineer (the lead singer of famed children’s entertainment group The Green Bananas) proceeds to hurl bananas at each member, pushing them to reach their full musical potential. At the session’s conclusion, a deal is struck, as lead-singer Broc Townsend hands over a briefcase of bananas in exchange for the gorilla’s services.

The sound engineer’s methods may be questionable, but the results are undeniable. Howlin’ is another irresistibly danceable tune from Rosa Maria, and we can’t wait to hear what else is packed on their forthcoming second album.

Howlin’ will also feature on a new split 7″ with Misty Lanes (out September 1st through Oracle Records). You can pre-order the split 7″ here, and Here She Comes here.

Catch Rosa Maria live at any of the following dates:

August 30th – Week.End Club, Potts Point
September 1st – Sly Fox, Enmore (as part of Third Eye Stimuli’s Strange News Vol. 2)