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Neo & Trinity are coming back to the big screen for The Matrix 4

There are some things Hollywood won’t lay to rest. One of those things is the legacy of Keanu Reeves, and for that we have to say we’re grateful. In a fairly shocking reboot announcement, the world will be receiving a fourth Matrix film.

Production on the film kicks off early 2020, so we won’t see Neo on screen again for a little while yet. At least we have Bill and Ted 3 to look forward to in the meantime.

The Matrix 4

Time to plug back in, we’re getting a fourth Matrix film! Keanu Reeves will return to the iconic role of Neo alongside Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity.

It’s lucky that the big wigs at Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow had enough sense to keep Keanu in his iconic role. After the disappointment that was 2015’s Point Break reboot, it’s clear to see that once Keanu owns a role, he owns it for life.

Carrie-Anne Moss is also slated to return as Trinity alongside Neo. Sadly, there has been no word on whether we’ll see Morpheus actor Lawrence Fishburne don the leather trenchcoat once again.

It seems only one half of the Wachowski sisters will be returning to helm the film. Lana is attached but there has been no mention of Lilly making her return to saga.

Mum’s the word on any plot details as of yet, but Ms. Wachowski speaks brightly about the prospect of returning to the characters and ideas that she and Lilly developed two decades ago.

There’s really only one question left to ask… red pill or blue pill?