PREMIERE: Want to feel like you're in a trance? Sis have you covered

PREMIERE: Want to feel like you’re in a trance? Sis have you covered with My King Plays Bowie

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re lying in a field, feeling a sense of content euphoria. What are the sounds that you imagine hearing?

Well, set your mind at ease and enter into a trance with Sis, San Francisco’s smooth and serendipitous six-piece entering the scene with their unique, experimental sound.

sis my king plays bowie

Sis showcase their talents on My King Plays Bowie, shaping unique, strange and elegantly beautiful sounds alongside amazing lyricism.

With Jenny Gillespie Mason, Rob Shelton, Carly Bond, Joseph Adamik, Andrew Maguire and Jamie Riotto making up the six, Sis started out as unprompted songwriting and recording session. Soon the band started to transform, making, joining and intertwining the sounds of Frank Ocean, Fleetwood Mac and even Steve Reich. Thus something entirely new was born.

With their new album Euphorbia being released in the American summer of 2018 through Native Cat, Sis have graced us with leading single My King Plays Bowie.

Inspired by nothing bar her own personal experience and a nifty OP-1 synth, Mason has provided us with music that is both a journey for herself, and a reminder for all the world to stay self-aware. It was written in the midst of a relationship, as well as parenthood.

With unpredictable, elegant, low-key vocals and a backing of slithery guitar lines and metered strings, this tune is a step up from brilliant. If you aren’t itching to hear what else Sis has to offer in their upcoming album Euphorbia, then you need to check yourself.