PREMIERE: Space Carbonara’s new single Sticky Baby is all-out madness

Space Carbonara don’t mess around on their new single Sticky Baby. Clocking in at two minutes, forty five seconds, the track is an all-out explosion of absolute insanity.

Seriously, this thing will punch you in the face fifty times over, and you’re going to love every bloody second of it.

Photos: Dani Hansen

Listening to Sticky Baby, the new track from Space Carbonara, feels like having some deranged madman grabbing you by the lapels and screaming profanities in your face.

The five-piece – based loosely around the Central Coast and Sydney – have been kicking out their scuzzy brand of psychedelia since 2016, and this new single sees the band turn the volume knob up a few notches.

Sticky Baby waste no time getting straight into the good shit, immediately erupting with crunching guitars and flailing vocals. The track hurls shrapnel all around itself with little regard for who gets caught in the crossfire.

Sticky Baby is the first taste from Space Carbonara’s debut LP Dolphin Man Returns, currently due out mid September. And judging from this first single, we’re in for plenty more madness.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above, and make sure you head along to Space Carbonara’s Sticky Baby single launch at The Lansdowne Hotel on July 5th, with Kimono Drag Queens, Rosa Maria, and Bullshirt.