Listen: Misty Lanes quintessential drop of fuzzy psych rock ‘Would You Believe’

Sydney’s own Misty Lanes takes a deep dive into the harmonies and fuzz of the 60s with ‘Would You Believe’

Eora’s vibrant 1960s rock revivalist project, Misty Lanes, is making waves once again with their latest single, ‘Would You Believe?’

Following the success of the psych/garage rock gems ‘And Here We Are’ and ‘The Glorious Ones’ released last year, Misty Lanes is gearing up for the launch of their much-anticipated sophomore album, ‘Colourless Green Ideas,’ set to hit the airwaves on March 8th via Third Eye Stimuli Records and Echodelick Records (USA).

The creative force and producer behind Misty Lanes, Steven W. Schouten, takes a deep dive into the 1960s musical landscape, breathing new life into forgotten treasures and crafting a nostalgic masterpiece for contemporary ears.

The album, a follow-up to the self-titled debut in 2017, was a labour of love, meticulously written, recorded, and pieced together between 2016-2021 in various home studios. Schouten then polished off the mixing in 2022.

While the earlier singles showcased a fuzzier psych and garage rock flavor, ‘Would You Believe?’ introduces a dreamy baroque pop sound.

The track unfolds with layers of piano, harpsichord, and Mellotron taking center stage, accompanied by a captivating lead guitar melody and Steven’s emotive vocals seamlessly weaving through the composition.

The song unintentionally morphs into a climate change anthem, as Schouten reflects on the natural disasters of the past decade, questioning our relationship with the environment.

In a statement, Schouten shares the inspiration behind Misty Lanes’ new album, sparked by the seemingly nonsensical yet thought-provoking phrase he stumbled upon — “Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously” by Noam Chomsky.

The album is a testament to the pursuit of meaning in art, embracing the notion of “art for art’s sake” and the idea that not everything needs a specific purpose; sometimes, things can simply exist.

Misty Lanes’ latest single, ‘Would You Believe?’ is available now, offering a taste of the kaleidoscopic musical landscape that awaits listeners on ‘Colourless Green Ideas,’ scheduled for release on March 8th.

Prepare to be transported to a world where the past meets the present, and Misty Lanes invites you to revel in the beauty of music, free from the constraints of rigid meaning.

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