PREMIERE: ‘Static’ by Unscored

Four-piece punk-grunge outfit Unscored has made a glorious return with Static. Despite its brutality, it’s catchy as hell.

Hailing from the sunny climes of Naarm/Melbourne, Unscored hit the ground running with debut single, Cowboy. Hot on the heels of this track comes Static, an altogether more rebellious affair.

“The song is sung from the perspective of someone who literally has a television for a head,” says the band about the fresh single, “allowing listeners to deliberate on whether a statement is being made about the oversaturation of digital media, or if it’s just a dumb grunge song.”

Unscored Static

From the get-go, Static lives up to its name. Eager for an easy-listening experience? You might wanna tune out now. We’re greeted with a wall of maddening static, courtesy of guitarist Daniel Larosa. This is before it settles into the juiciest power chord riff you’ve heard this side of the 1990s (it’s little wonder that they’ve described themselves as a grunge band).

After the onslaught of the intro, it settles into a moody, meditative verse. This is where the lyricism of Harry Lane comes to the fore, exploring the aforementioned themes of digital media and its effect on our minds.


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Despite the introspection, Static never loses its swagger. Carter Smith and Isaac Anderson — on bass and drums respectively — lock down a swinging, mid-tempo groove that has the knack of making your head nod perpetually.

Static finds its apex toward the end of the track with the blazing guitars at their thickest and the stacked vocals screaming a refrain before breaking down into a wall fizzing noise, just like the tone that greets listeners at the beginning of the track.

Static might be its name, but the energy of this single is anything but. Pre-save Unscored’s brand new single here.

Static Single art